Voss Natural Mineral Sparkling Glass Bottle 375ml Pack of 24



  • 100% Neutral and incomparable in taste
  • Free of sodium and Low Mineral Content
  • Ultra Bottled Water
  • Naturally filtered, free of contact with the air and other pollutants.Voss with its iconic design,is served on the table of the finest restaurants & lounges,in the rooms of the most distinctive hotel and in the home of the most demanding water drinker around the world.
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Country of Origin Norway
Dietary Needs Vegan
Item Pack Quantity Pack of 24
Product Ingredients TDS 310,Calcium 3.7,Magnesium 0.9,Chloride 5.5,Fluride 0.13,Sodium 122,Sulfate 2.1,PH 5.2
Shelf Life 730 Days
Size 375 ml
Storage Requirements Ambient(18-25 C)