Volvic Natural Mineral Water 500ml Pack of 6



  • Volvic Natural Mineral Water acquires its unique mineral composition through 6 layers of Volvic filtration. The Volvic Natural mineral water serves as a respite drink for cooling off your body with its soothing properties.
  • Its transparent appearance and sweet taste will not only quench your thirst but also make you relish its nectar-like flavor.
  • The Volvic 1.5L natural mineral water is enriched in essential minerals to support the body’s dietary needs.
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Country of Origin France
Dietary Needs Vegan
Grade New
Grocery Certification ISO 22000
Item Pack Quantity Pack of 6
Nutritional Facts Calcium 12 mg, Sulfates 9 mg, Magnesium 8 mg, Sodium 12 mg, Bicarbonates 74 mg, Potassium 6 mg, Silica 32 mg, Chlorides 15 mg, Nitrates 7.3
Product Ingredients Non Carbonated Natural Mineral Water With Low Mineral Content.
Shelf Life 180 Days