GEOHONEY Sidr Honey Osaimi 7kg



  • Dealing in honey and its products , we are extremely proud of selling sidr honey osaimi for the simple reason of it being the best quality of sidr honey in the market , the sidr honey osaimi has been prevalent since the pre-islamic period in the tropical and subtropical regions of the gulf, south asia and the arabian peninsula. Distinct by being thick like caramel and having a very strong taste , the reputation of sidr hoey osaimi has withstood the test of time
  • It is the best quality sidr honey one can taste , the taste , in fact is sensed spontaneously after putting it on the tongue because of its enchanting taste and medicinal benefits ,sidr honey osaimi is served in special gathering and celebratory occasions
  • if you want to experience the very best ,we highly recommend you order the purest of sidr honey osaimi available
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Allergy Information Wheat Free
Country of Origin Yemen
Dietary Needs Organic
Formation Liquid
Grocery Certification ISO
Product Ingredients 100% RAW HONEY
Product Packaging Glass Bottle
Shelf Life 48 Months