GEOHONEY Black Bitter Honey 750g



  • Black Bitter honey is very friendly with diabetic consumers and barely change their sugar daily scales. In some cases, a complete heal out of diabetes was recorded on long term consumers used to consume the bitter honey on daily basis the organic integrated environment of Socotra island, which is not available in many areas of the planet earth
  • The color of this honey is dark as most of these forests, and this type of honey is characterized by the lack of polysaccharides in it, is pollen-free and it is one of the finest types of honey in the world. It is only available when the climate is ideal, it also requires a proper health education for apiaries and the correct and appropriate methods to extract it
  • This honey is extracted from bees that feed on many types of the rate Socotra trees which is only found in tropical areas. Thanks to its incredible quality, it can compete among other types of honey and still come in the first place, if all appropriate international standards in extracting it and bee keeping techniques have been met
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Allergy Information Wheat Free
Country of Origin Ethiopia
Dietary Needs Organic
Formation Liquid
Product Ingredients 100% RAW HONEY
Product Packaging Glass Bottle
Shelf Life 48 Months
Size 750 g