GEOHONEY Acacia Sumor Honey 350g



  • One of the most premium products in our inverntory , it is procured after nectra is sxtraced from the buds of acacia trees , the best kind of acacia sumor honey is found in Oman
  • the sumor trees grow in saline, rocky and coastal soil , these trees have deep roots growing up to 40 meterss , they adapt well to both high and low tempratures , depending on the soil where tress grow
  • it is the only honey that does not crystalilize even after 2000 years
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Allergy Information Wheat Free
Country of Origin Oman
Dietary Needs Organic
Formation Liquid
Grocery Certification ISO
Product Ingredients 100% RAW HONEY
Product Packaging Glass Bottle
Shelf Life 48 Months